snakeworthy price (69sofine) wrote,
snakeworthy price

she's a very kinky girl...

i came over to do laundry and the dryer is broken. j 3 j just my luck.

holy shit. i've lost like, 15 pounds. my pants don't fit and my belts are too big, too. it's kind of alarming. my metabolism has changed drastically, too. MAYBE I HAVE TAPEWORMS! what am i going to do!

the position for boyfriend has been filled. dan sanders (the guy i occasionally buy my weed from and who moved into my apartment when i moved out) is the coolest most stand-up dude i've met in a long time (although he does smoke too many fucking cigarettes, hot damn!). too bad i'm so fucking unstable and self-destructive. let's see how long he can put up with that...

i might have a second job soon. i was told to try the italian market (off charlotte behind the regions bank) where i filled out an application this morning and spoke to the hiring manager (why is it that i can never remember these guys' names?) who seemed to like me enough (and did NOT mention my green hair). he said one of their employees would be quitting soon so he was looking to start training someone to replace her. bitchin'! they'll only pay me something like $5.85 and hour, though but whatever. i just need a second income. and if i don't like it, come april i can quit and pick up paige's shift at the produce place. holla!

alright. i gotta find somewheres to wash my month-old dirty underwear sos i can get back to my place for dinner before KARAOKE!!!! i'm feelin' the funk this week so i think i'll do superfreak. later days.
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