snakeworthy price (69sofine) wrote,
snakeworthy price

how about a nice game of chess?

i saw that movie the wrestler with sarah, reid, nathan and dan. it was hella good. mickey rourke's character was so easy to love. i wish i had an ex pro-wrestler behind MY deli counter, anyday.

so i was at a really really crowded house party last weekend and i stepped out on the back porch so i could breath and this guy comes up and starts asking me about an illustration job for this methodist magazine he works for that's aimed at hispanic-speaking americans. he gave me his card and i e-mailed him some links and he says he doesn't want to get my hopes up, but he'll probably have some work for me in the next issue. cool, right?

i've been hunting for a new place and last night becca drove sarah and i around the sylvan park/charlotte area looking for rental signs. we found a couple of promising duplexes and a few other places but i especially liked the duplex on chamberlin that happens to be owned by the same people we are renting to now. i called them this morning and told them we planned to be out of hillcrest by the end of february (it's a good thing i called them today, too. one day later and we wouldn't be getting our deposit back!) and that we were thinking about moving into the chamberlin duplex. she said the place is unlocked so we're gonna go scope it out tonight when sarah gets home from work. i like these gaw properties people. they should be willing to cut us a deal since we've been paying rent to them on time for a year now. and dan sanders is looking to move into my apartment when i move out so really we're bringing them customers.

i'm in the middle of about three months worth of laundry that i need to get done real soon so i don't have to waste my entire day off at my parents'. besides, war games is on in the other room. later!
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