snakeworthy price (69sofine) wrote,
snakeworthy price

"come on, can't you even stand up for the first black president!?"

so last tuesday, not only was obama voted the first black man to become the president of the united states, but i finally found a job! calypso on elliston hired me (at a measly $6.75 an hour plus tips, but oh well. it's better than nothing!) and i've already made enough to pay off my phone bill (once my check clears tomorrow. they cut my service off yesterday. eep!) and next week i'll have enough to start paying my student loans again and after that maybe i'll have enough to pay rent this month! yahoo!

needless to say, tuesday night i got fucking SHIT-FACED at the springwater. it was a lot of fun. i love to celebrate things on a national level. it was like the best new year's eve ever!

that's all i have time for now as i'm on reid's laptop at the hog and they're about to lock up. later!
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