snakeworthy price (69sofine) wrote,
snakeworthy price

what do you do?

do you ever get really hungry? so hungry that it distracts you? but none of the food that you automatically begin cataloging in your mind as easily accessible is appealing enough to constitute action on this primal feeling? because there's an ideal food for this particular hunger and you'd rather feel hungry than replace that hunger with something for which you are not hungering? this is how i feel when i get the craving to dodle.

i'll be sitting in bed starring at the wall or a computer screen or whatever book i am trying to read and suddenly it hits me-- the urge to draw! just like in the old days, when i would zone out while taking notes in chemistry or standing idly behind the counter at the whatever shitty coffee house i happened to be slinging bagels at at the time. but then as the urge grows, i look around and the perfect pen is nowhere to be seen. SURE there's a shitty BIC on the bedside table and crayons in my backpack and a sharpie on the bedside table just as sure as there is dry spaghetti in the pantry, hot water on the stove and half a jar of ragu in the fridge, but what i really need to get this doodle started is a fucking 20 oz ribeye with a grilled mushrooms and a side of shrimp and grits.

maybe i'm uninspired or maybe i'm just a starving artist.
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