snakeworthy price (69sofine) wrote,
snakeworthy price

diamons on my neck di-diamonds on my grill

man, i've been playing a lot of pokemon recently.

the end to my money troubles is in sight, but i'm still stressin' out cause it doesn't look like they'll be in my grasp until after christmas or, if i decide to splurge, then not until much after christmas. i'm probably only going to spend money on my immediate family and make things for everyone else. i do plan to use my skills of deceit and hocking shit to raise a little extra cash, and if i stop spending my tips on stuff like cigarettes, beer and karaoke tips then i can probably make it a pretty sweet christmas.

i just hope i get a fuck ton of polaroid film.

like a lot.

karaoke was JAMMED this week! but i still managed to have fun. tracy and dave were in town, but they only got to do like one song a piece. i sang smashmouth's "i can't get enough of you baby" and as a result have had it stuck in my head all night. my co-worker and new friend will was there and me and jenny made him sing the gayest radiohead song on the roster (i mean gay in terms of tone and content, not quality).

today i enjoyed the nice weather and dicked around on bikes all day. cj and patrick came over and i made patrick a picture and i made a stencil for tagging out of a pizza box. then i pedaled to the belcourt to see 2001: a space odyssey with valerie and antony (whom i did not know were there) and afterwards reid took me to PM where i finally got to try "the best burger in nashville" (i still like rotiers' better) and our server was the guy in the robot costumer from the columbia university commercials.

so it's thanksgiving tomorrow (or rather, later today) and i'm eatin' at my parents' of course. then friday i'm going to recover and then meet patrick at watkins to screen some stuff for gifts and make some patches (or maybe bandanas if freidman's is open friday) for ratsgiving which is on saturday night. i'll have to pedal over there straight after work, so i thought i'd just bring a pint or two of the spiced sweet potatoes from work. biggles and those sweeties the hell's angels are coming in to town and i cannot wait to see them. apparently geoff is coming, too and i hope someone talked tyler into coming because i know he didn't want to leave after the hootenanny... dude that was the saddest afternoon i can remember... anyways, i hope it don't rain too much this weekend!

i'm gonna go play some more pokemon until i pass out. happy thanksgiving, 'n shit!
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