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what do you do? [24 Feb 2013|03:20am]
do you ever get really hungry? so hungry that it distracts you? but none of the food that you automatically begin cataloging in your mind as easily accessible is appealing enough to constitute action on this primal feeling? because there's an ideal food for this particular hunger and you'd rather feel hungry than replace that hunger with something for which you are not hungering? this is how i feel when i get the craving to dodle.

i'll be sitting in bed starring at the wall or a computer screen or whatever book i am trying to read and suddenly it hits me-- the urge to draw! just like in the old days, when i would zone out while taking notes in chemistry or standing idly behind the counter at the whatever shitty coffee house i happened to be slinging bagels at at the time. but then as the urge grows, i look around and the perfect pen is nowhere to be seen. SURE there's a shitty BIC on the bedside table and crayons in my backpack and a sharpie on the bedside table just as sure as there is dry spaghetti in the pantry, hot water on the stove and half a jar of ragu in the fridge, but what i really need to get this doodle started is a fucking 20 oz ribeye with a grilled mushrooms and a side of shrimp and grits.

maybe i'm uninspired or maybe i'm just a starving artist.
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Writer's Block: Toy box travesties [25 Jun 2011|08:55pm]
What childhood toy did you desperately want that your parents refused to give you? Do you still think about getting one?

a power-wheel, DUH! of course my parents didn't get me one and looking back on it, all the bikes they bought for me (i grew up in a neighborhood where bikes often disappeared) more than made up for it and bikes are waay cooler than cars anyways, much less toy cars. and it would've just broken or gotten stolen anyways, and that would have been more depressing.
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Writer's Block: Toy box travesties [25 Jun 2011|08:55pm]
What childhood toy did you desperately want that your parents refused to give you? Do you still think about getting one?

a power-wheel, DUH! of course my parents didn't get me one and looking back on it, all the bikes they bought for me (i grew up in a neighborhood where bikes often disappeared) more than made up for it and bikes are waay cooler than cars anyways, much less toy cars. and it would've just broken or gotten stolen anyways, and that would have been more depressing.
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yesterday... [26 Jun 2010|06:14pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yesterday i lost my oldest friend.

he died tuesday night on 37th ave at approximately 11:30 p.m.

he was towed away yesterday, leaving me with $150 cash.

R.I.P. frankenstein. i spent some of the best years of my life with you. you will never be forgotten, and can never be replaced.

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clothing for sale [31 May 2010|05:17pm]
i have a bunch of vintage and gently used women's clothing and shoes for sale.
all clothing fits me and i am 5'2" 130 pounds. all shirts are women's size small.
pieces are priced individually, but i am willing to offer a discount if you want to buy more than a few.
you can either come pick the items up or i am willing to deliver them within a certain distance. or perhaps we can arrange a postal transaction.
if you have any questions about a certain piece you can e-mail me the craigslist address, but be warned, i do not have a computer so response will take a minute.
otherwise you can call or text me on my cellphone: 615-430-3844.

take a look!Collapse )

more to come.
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Writer's Block: Pecking Order [23 Aug 2009|04:41pm]
Are you an oldest, youngest, middle, or only child? How do you think it has influenced your personality?
i'm the second of four children. i feel that because of this my personality is that of a person trained to deal with positions of authority and inferiority pretty equally. i'm tolerant, but not to an absurd extent.
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writing games. [30 Jul 2009|06:11am]
adolescent boys care dearly, even, for girlish habits incredibly just like men; not outta poor qualities regarding several terrible unexplainable visions... wxyz

aren't black canes dirty elves... i can't think of a five letter word that begins with f and works here.

always behind curtains dwell evil figures grinning habitually in jolly... k... karma? kindness? kernels? jolly kernels?

antonio banderas can't dominate eleven furious gargoyles having just killed lustfully my nemesis over poorly quoted rumors... suspecting treason... unceremoniously vanquishing what you.... z... zone? eugh... WHITE YANKEE ZOMBIES!!!

antoniobanderascan'tdominatelevenfuriousgargoyleshavingjustkilledlustfullymynemesisoverpoorlyquotedrumoresuspectingtreasonunceremoniousyvanquishing WHITE YANKEE ZOMBIES!!!

try to write a sentence that makes (gramatical and defendable) sense using each letter of the alphabet in order as the first letter of each word of the sentence.
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bleh [17 Jun 2009|01:41am]
feel terrible. need a job. can't find one (as usual). lost as to how to make money. trying to paint/draw. depression making things hard. someone give me break! maybe my shit will sell at halcyon, but i need to put it up on the walls first which means i need to buy/get some sort of temporary hooks or something but i don't have any money and i'm really hesitant to steal anything when the economy is in such bad shape. *sigh* there's some sort of coffee house that just opened on broadway i was thinking of applying at and harris teeter in belle meade is hiring. i was just about to go do that, but now i have to drink this pitcher some dude just bought me. how counter-productive...
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CARTOONS!!! [03 May 2009|05:20pm]
✔ X what you saw
✔ O what you haven't finished/saw sizable portions
✔ Bold what you loved
✔ Italics for what you disliked/hated
✔ Leave unchanged if neutral

i love cartoons!Collapse )
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battered and bruised [16 Apr 2009|02:35am]
oh yeah, i forgot to mention. i got hit by a car on my bike, last night. i was coming out of the calypso parking lot onto elliston and this guy came fast outta nowhere and i tried to turn short and brake but the side of his car caught my front wheel and spun me over the side of my bike onto what would have been my face had i not thrown out my hand. my left palm is bruised to shit. in fact i'm the queen of bruises this week. my knees and thighs are still bruised from choosing to stand directly in front of the stage at the jeff show on saturday night, not to mention my right wrist is sore from pounding the stage. and the extreme bangover.
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friend or foe? [16 Apr 2009|02:31am]
you never really can know a person, can you? coming to this realization, i can only feel lonesome.
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Writer's Block: Almost Famous [15 Mar 2009|08:39pm]
What celebrity do you think looks like you? What celebrity do other people say you look like?
no one looks like ME. people used to tell me that i looked like melissa joan-hart.
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she's a very kinky girl... [03 Mar 2009|03:10pm]
i came over to do laundry and the dryer is broken. j 3 j just my luck.

holy shit. i've lost like, 15 pounds. my pants don't fit and my belts are too big, too. it's kind of alarming. my metabolism has changed drastically, too. MAYBE I HAVE TAPEWORMS! what am i going to do!

the position for boyfriend has been filled. dan sanders (the guy i occasionally buy my weed from and who moved into my apartment when i moved out) is the coolest most stand-up dude i've met in a long time (although he does smoke too many fucking cigarettes, hot damn!). too bad i'm so fucking unstable and self-destructive. let's see how long he can put up with that...

i might have a second job soon. i was told to try the italian market (off charlotte behind the regions bank) where i filled out an application this morning and spoke to the hiring manager (why is it that i can never remember these guys' names?) who seemed to like me enough (and did NOT mention my green hair). he said one of their employees would be quitting soon so he was looking to start training someone to replace her. bitchin'! they'll only pay me something like $5.85 and hour, though but whatever. i just need a second income. and if i don't like it, come april i can quit and pick up paige's shift at the produce place. holla!

alright. i gotta find somewheres to wash my month-old dirty underwear sos i can get back to my place for dinner before KARAOKE!!!! i'm feelin' the funk this week so i think i'll do superfreak. later days.
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blood stains, speed kills [18 Feb 2009|08:34pm]
car: fixed.
bike: broken.
belongings: moved.
house: frigid.
health: poor.
social life: fleeting.

so we're all moved into the new house. it rules. our basement is huge, but full of junk so i need to clean that out but imma wait til they get the gas turned on. they came by to do it today, but it was 8:30 in the morning and i was asleep like any sane person with the flu and i missed them so i called and they said they earliest they could come back is tomorrow around noon. maybe they'll KNOCK this time. fuckers.

i haven't left the house for something like three days because i've been immobilized with the flu and then i finally feel well enough to get up and step outside today and it's like, 15 degrees warmer outside our house than inside. blow.

the worst part about having the flu for three days is starting your period smack dab in the middle. or missing a shift at work. can't make up my mind. i'm still really nervous about missing work. if i lost another job i'd probably hang myself... nah. i'd do myself in with more style than that.

i got the flu on saturday night at that bitchin' valentine party at the warehouse. someone shit on the hood of my car. i dunno if it was because it was MY car or because of one of my bumper stickers or just because they thought it was funny... but i thought it was just funny. luckily cj had backed into my car earlier so there was a chunk of my bumper laying on the ground i used to scrape it off. heh heh. sweet party.

i hate these fucking digital converter boxes. yeah, i get four more religious networks, an extra home shopping network, something called "ion" and qubo, but for what? a shittier signal that freezes and pixelates the screen everytime i move a muscle? fuck this. that is precisely why i hate digital.

saturday i get to relive my childhood and take lilli to a birthday party at CHUCK E. CHEESE!! i plan on getting drunk (if they still serve beer) and playing all the awesome videogames i can. it's gonna be a blast.

uhm... i guess that's all i have to tell you. later!
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how about a nice game of chess? [29 Jan 2009|10:31am]
i saw that movie the wrestler with sarah, reid, nathan and dan. it was hella good. mickey rourke's character was so easy to love. i wish i had an ex pro-wrestler behind MY deli counter, anyday.

so i was at a really really crowded house party last weekend and i stepped out on the back porch so i could breath and this guy comes up and starts asking me about an illustration job for this methodist magazine he works for that's aimed at hispanic-speaking americans. he gave me his card and i e-mailed him some links and he says he doesn't want to get my hopes up, but he'll probably have some work for me in the next issue. cool, right?

i've been hunting for a new place and last night becca drove sarah and i around the sylvan park/charlotte area looking for rental signs. we found a couple of promising duplexes and a few other places but i especially liked the duplex on chamberlin that happens to be owned by the same people we are renting to now. i called them this morning and told them we planned to be out of hillcrest by the end of february (it's a good thing i called them today, too. one day later and we wouldn't be getting our deposit back!) and that we were thinking about moving into the chamberlin duplex. she said the place is unlocked so we're gonna go scope it out tonight when sarah gets home from work. i like these gaw properties people. they should be willing to cut us a deal since we've been paying rent to them on time for a year now. and dan sanders is looking to move into my apartment when i move out so really we're bringing them customers.

i'm in the middle of about three months worth of laundry that i need to get done real soon so i don't have to waste my entire day off at my parents'. besides, war games is on in the other room. later!
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oh we are living ENEMA terial world... [14 Jan 2009|12:20am]
i'm in an i-want-stuff kind of mood so i was looking through shit on etsy and came across this. and this (i really like ashtrays right now). and this (if only it would fit...).

that's all, i guess.

oh, i don't work tomorrow, if anyone wants to bother me.
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2009 [08 Jan 2009|12:52pm]
happy new year. i had some resolutions like every year, but i lost them and i don't feel like rethinking them up again right now. i mostly just came to whine about how much my life sucks right now. i had a good new year's eve, though. we went to sassafras. it was balls cold, but i found $40 on the floor and bought some drugs (MDMA to be exact) and some fireworks blew up in my face and left a scab on my eye and sarah and cj and i stole the dance floor all topless (bra topless, no tits. i don't think the fags liked the tits too much) and in our colors. it was a fun time.

anyways, yeah. my life and it sucking. so the lease on the apartment is up in february and i can' convince sarah to stay. like, we JUST finally got everything settled and comfy like a real home what with rearranging the living room and moving sarah's bed out there and all. but that's not god enough for sarah. the princess needs more room and fuck me if i can't afford it, too. i can't pay $600 a month for that apartment (which would be too big for just little ole me, anyways) and i sure as fuck can't find a cheaper 1 bedroom in the area and i can't think of anyone else i'd even consider living with. i doubt we'll be able to find a 2 bedroom for any price i can afford, unless we move further out of town which i would rather not. but none of this seems to matter to sarah brown. she's fully aware of my financial situation (not to mention my emotional state) yet she's willing to fuck me over so she can have a bigger bedroom. why are all the people who i thought cared about me abandoning me all of a sudden? hopefully we can find a 2 bedroom in the area that she's willing to live in (i found a 2 bedroom near 8th ave for less than we're paying now but she claimed she knew the resident and that it was "a shack". sorry, princess, but i can't afford to live in a fucking castle, especially when i know you're not gonna want to pay more than half the rent.)

anyways. good things that have happened lately... i made a new friend. brent morris. he lives with brent jackson. heh, bj and bm. anyways. we've been seeing a lot of each other lately. he took me to the loveless cafe on saturday. i've always wanted to eat there. it was delicious. i'm trying to take things slowly with him, but it's been difficult on account of i've been all lonely and depressed and needing someone around lately and sarah's never at home and i can't talk to reid anymore and becca's car doesn't work and all my other friends are preoccupied (understandably) so i've found myself calling him a lot when i need comforting and i don't think that's healthy. i need to get over this being alone problem. it doesn't happen every time i'm alone; sometimes i can sit for hours and read or draw or whatever by myself, but recently i've just been so depressed that whenever i'm alone, i just can't take it. i hope it goes away, soon...

yeah, so. happy new year.
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"it was... SOAP POISONING!" [25 Dec 2008|11:15am]
christmas 2008:

-four t-shirts (all work-appropriate and very comfy)
-fingerless gloves/mittens
-$50 in cash from various uncles
-a pack of cigarettes and a custom-made stamp from alex
-8 cartridges of polaroid film

that's 80 -count 'em- 80 shots. WOO HOO! i haven't taken a single polaroid in almost a year, much less 80 of them! i could make a fucking stop-motion film which that much film. too bad i didn't bring a camera...

merry christmas.

new year's should be a delight.
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diamons on my neck di-diamonds on my grill [27 Nov 2008|03:28am]
man, i've been playing a lot of pokemon recently.

the end to my money troubles is in sight, but i'm still stressin' out cause it doesn't look like they'll be in my grasp until after christmas or, if i decide to splurge, then not until much after christmas. i'm probably only going to spend money on my immediate family and make things for everyone else. i do plan to use my skills of deceit and hocking shit to raise a little extra cash, and if i stop spending my tips on stuff like cigarettes, beer and karaoke tips then i can probably make it a pretty sweet christmas.

i just hope i get a fuck ton of polaroid film.

like a lot.

karaoke was JAMMED this week! but i still managed to have fun. tracy and dave were in town, but they only got to do like one song a piece. i sang smashmouth's "i can't get enough of you baby" and as a result have had it stuck in my head all night. my co-worker and new friend will was there and me and jenny made him sing the gayest radiohead song on the roster (i mean gay in terms of tone and content, not quality).

today i enjoyed the nice weather and dicked around on bikes all day. cj and patrick came over and i made patrick a picture and i made a stencil for tagging out of a pizza box. then i pedaled to the belcourt to see 2001: a space odyssey with valerie and antony (whom i did not know were there) and afterwards reid took me to PM where i finally got to try "the best burger in nashville" (i still like rotiers' better) and our server was the guy in the robot costumer from the columbia university commercials.

so it's thanksgiving tomorrow (or rather, later today) and i'm eatin' at my parents' of course. then friday i'm going to recover and then meet patrick at watkins to screen some stuff for gifts and make some patches (or maybe bandanas if freidman's is open friday) for ratsgiving which is on saturday night. i'll have to pedal over there straight after work, so i thought i'd just bring a pint or two of the spiced sweet potatoes from work. biggles and those sweeties the hell's angels are coming in to town and i cannot wait to see them. apparently geoff is coming, too and i hope someone talked tyler into coming because i know he didn't want to leave after the hootenanny... dude that was the saddest afternoon i can remember... anyways, i hope it don't rain too much this weekend!

i'm gonna go play some more pokemon until i pass out. happy thanksgiving, 'n shit!
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"come on, can't you even stand up for the first black president!?" [14 Nov 2008|07:50pm]
so last tuesday, not only was obama voted the first black man to become the president of the united states, but i finally found a job! calypso on elliston hired me (at a measly $6.75 an hour plus tips, but oh well. it's better than nothing!) and i've already made enough to pay off my phone bill (once my check clears tomorrow. they cut my service off yesterday. eep!) and next week i'll have enough to start paying my student loans again and after that maybe i'll have enough to pay rent this month! yahoo!

needless to say, tuesday night i got fucking SHIT-FACED at the springwater. it was a lot of fun. i love to celebrate things on a national level. it was like the best new year's eve ever!

that's all i have time for now as i'm on reid's laptop at the hog and they're about to lock up. later!
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